Menopause Treatment Reviews

2011 Comparison of the Leading Menopause Supplements

We have researched the marketplace to help consumerss select the best treatment solution for their Menopause. We identified 3 products over the last year that met all of our criteria – fast acting, no discomfort, no harmful side effects, and excellent results. All 3 of the products below were extremely effective and had a high customer rating.

Our review criteria are based on effectiveness, price, ingredients, consumer feedback, availability, response time of customer service and product guarantee. If you would like to share your own opinion of these, or other related products, please contact customer service to complete a review.

Rank Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Products MenoClear Menozac Balance Point
Overall Rating to to to
Within 48 hours

Within 3-5 days

Within 3 week
Very knowledgeable
and supportive

Not very

Very supportive
Success Rate 96% 83% 75%
Return Policy Risk free Risk free Risk free
Average Price (based on 4 bottles) $22.95 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
$37.48 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
$35.25 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
Overall Value Very Affective Very Good Good
Approval Rating
Approval Rating
Approval Rating
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#1 Ranked Menopause Product

MenoClear Review

Product Claims

MenoClear is the most effective menopause treatment available.

MenoClear ranks as our top product for several reasons.  One reason being that is has an exclusive day and nighttime formula effectiveness.  Our bodies act and react differently throughout the day than at night.  It’s important that your menopause solution adapt to those changes and still continue to help maintain your body’s healthy balance giving you the relief that you need.

Quick relief is also something that women search for when looking for the best  menopause solution.  Several users of MenoClear have reported feeling some type of relief within two to three days.  MonoClear has been proven to support several of the symptoms that women experience during menopause:  night sweats, lack of concentration, irritability and trouble sleeping.  MenoClear addresses all of these symptoms regardless of the time of day you experience them.

MenoClear is completely safe!

Manufactured to assist in stabilizing the body’s hormonal balance, MenoClear™ uses only the highest quality ingredients.  It was created by a combination of top doctors and scientists in an effort to make women more comfortable during this time in their lives.  These all natural ingredients include Protykin, Black Cohosh, 5 HTP, ammonium succinate, DIM and several more and have been proven safe to take long term when necessary.  All of the ingredients work together in helping to treat the symptoms a woman experiences and keep symptoms from reoccurring.

MenoClear can be used to help prevent menopause, too!

MenoClear can also be used safely and long term by those who are experiencing premenopausal symptoms which can include fatigue, weight gain, headaches and mood swings.  MenoClear can help you regain the healthy balance your body needs and you will feel better overall.

Health Analysis

When taking MenoClear, your body will regain a sense of hormonal balance leaving you feeling better physically and mentally.  You will be able to sleep better, think better and can alleviate the night sweats, hot flashes and irritability experienced by women during menopause.

Overall Grade: to

#2 Ranked Menopause Product

Menozac Review

Product Claims

Menozac is another good menopause alternative that is available.  However, we ranked it at number two because the benefits are not as good as our top pick product.  Menozac works to relieve your menopause symptoms naturally by using no chemicals and does relieve some of the symptoms that are associated with menopause.

While it is a good product overall, Menozac does not relieve all of your menopause symptoms and generally works to alleviate the symptoms that occur during the day; such as hot flashes and irritability. 

Although Menozac is a good product and will help you feel the effects of symptoms subsiding, it can often take up to a week to really notice any difference in how you are feeling and when you return to “normal” again.

Health Analysis

Using its special blend of phytoestrogen botanicals, Menozac reduces the effects of menopause symptoms on your body by helping to make the process a little easier to endure.  

Overall Grade: to

#3 Ranked Menopause Product

Balance Point Review

Product Claims

Balance Point is a good product for alleviating some of the symptoms of menopause.  This product is however, more of a multi-vitamin for women who have reached the age of menopause which is why we ranked it at number three.  Made with all natural ingredients that have no harmful side effects, this product can be taken long term.  While it does contain several vitamins and minerals that are essential to a woman’s health, Balance Point does lack some of the essential ingredients for helping to reduce many of the symptoms that are associated with menopause.

Balance Point helps with anti-aging, increase in energy level and bone density, but does not quite cover any help when it comes to night sweats, hot flashes or mood swings, which is what women are looking for when they seek out help for relieve menopause symptoms.

Health Analysis

Balance Point helps a woman’s body to maintain good overall health by providing it with a large supply of necessary vitamins and it contains several herbs and minerals that can protect the cells in your body from “free radicals” that can invade those cells.

Overall Grade: to